A Conversation With A Snared Fox At The Edge Of A Field

by monicore on pexels

I: How did this happen? You must have seen that the wire was barbed

F: I was hungry. And there are berries beyond the fence

I: But now you’re snared. Your leg is cut down to the bone. You’ve cut your mouth open too, trying to bite through the wire

F: What’s a little blood and bone? We all come down to it in the end

I: Was it worth it?

F: You must be young, yet. What’s worth got to do with living? If you’re hungry, you hunt. If something goes wrong, bite through it. You’ve got teeth for a reason, don’t you? Those aren’t pearls set in your gums

I: You’ll die of infection now

F: Dying’s just another way to pass the time. Flies come for all of us, but there will be more. There is always more.

I: More what?

F: More everything. More life, more barbed wire, more berries beyond the fence, more blood spotting the grass here. I will come back to these woods and I will be hungry and I will risk being cut open just to taste something sweet

I: But won’t you remember what happened the last time?

F: Yes, but mostly I will remember my mouth filling with want. A wire or berries — a new life or a memory — it makes no difference. I will want a taste of it

F: What are you remembering, that makes you hesitate at the edge of the field? Which of your lives is this?

by Wahid Hacene on pexels

Writer of all sorts of things, but mostly the Dream subgenre. Professional traveler. Lesbian. Home cook. Philly.

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